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Rego Check information is provided by a 3rd party licensed data company and is not directly affiliated with the Australian government.

What is Rego Check?

Rego Check is committed to providing its users with a wealth of time and money saving online services. Access to the service for 24 hours is just 50c, and then $4.95 a month thereafter. We are unaffiliated with any Australian states or territories.

Check your Vehicle Registration online now

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What's Included?

Vehicle Registration Status

Check your vehicle registration status online - Available for up tp 5 Vehicles.

(The exact information we can display regarding your vehicle depends which state/territory it is registered in. The minimum information we will be able to tell you when your registration is due for renewal.)

Reminder Alert Messages

Reminder alert messages help you to remember important dates for your vehicle. Avoid hefty fines by creating alerts that you can count on. Alerts are available for;

  • Rego expiration reminder messages
  • Breakdown cover reminder messages
  • Parking permit renewal reminders

Fuel Consumption Tracking

Track your fuel consumption by updating the tracking tool regularly to monitor your expenditure and economy over time.

Journey Cost Calculator

Estimate journey costs & fuel usage for your vehicles before you travel.